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Core4ce Launches Cyberscape, a Cyber Threat Investigation Platform

July 26 2022

RESTON, Va.; July 26, 2022 – Core4ce has launched a new cyber threat investigation platform to help organizations better understand risks related to their infrastructure, brand, and personnel. Cyberscape, a cloud-based workspace designed for cyber analysts and security teams, is now available to customers who are looking to unmask cyber adversaries.  

“With the launch of Cyberscape, Core4ce is applying expertise gained from serving federal customers to help the commercial sector face cyber threats with confidence,” said Core4ce CEO Jack Wilmer. “We know that cyberattacks present an existential threat to businesses of all sizes, with members of the Defense Industrial Base a particular target of concern. We view the expansion of our services into the commercial market as a natural progression as we work to counter national security threats and protect sensitive data.” 

Cyberscape provides customers with the ability to: 

  • Access open-source intelligence sources and integrate data feeds from industry-leading threat intelligence providers.  
  • Conduct robust investigations by visualizing and enriching data from numerous threat intelligence sources in a single interactive workspace. 
  • Monitor, discuss, and share analysis in real-time within an organization and across trusted industry groups, increasing operational efficiencies and knowledge transfer. 
  • Easily create, review, and deliver intelligence reports directly from the platform to key stakeholders. 

“Cyberscape allows investigators to build and share robust analyses of threats that draw from multiple commercial, open source, and private data feeds,” said David Bock, Vice President of Strategic Development at Core4ce. “Cybersecurity investigations automatically become new source material for future investigations, allowing you to identify larger patterns of attack and comprehend ‘beyond the moment.’” 

Cyberscape is the first product that Core4ce has rolled out to support commercial customers, and the second initiative developed by Core4ce’s Innovation Incubator, a program focused on developing forward-looking national security solutions. The launch of Cyberscape was preceded by the spin out of Grist Mill Exchange, a seamless platform connecting government agencies with a vast array of commercial data.  

About Core4ce:
By thinking and operating in a data-centric way, Core4ce is empowered to provide integrated solutions and support services to both federal and commercial customers.

We recruit cyber experts, engineers, developers, and data scientists whose depth of experience makes them uniquely qualified to counter global adversaries. 

Through a commitment to research and development, we are engineering solutions that better equip our customers to face current and future national security threats. 

Alex Bender