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Core4ce Reveals New Brand Identity Following a Period of Rapid Growth in the National Security Sector

January 17 2023

RESTON, Va.; January 17, 2023 – Core4ce revealed a new corporate brand identity, including a new logo, that reflects the company’s focus on developing interdisciplinary technical solutions for defense and intelligence customers. The rebranding effort comes as Core4ce transitions from a small to a large contractor following a period of significant growth that began in 2020.  

Since its founding, Core4ce has made several strategic business acquisitions, won more than $500M in Department of Defense cybersecurity and engineering contracts, launched a commercial data marketplace for government customers (Grist Mill Exchange), and made key leadership hires – including the appointment of former DoD Chief Information Security Officer Jack Wilmer as Core4ce CEO. Throughout three years of rapid expansion and innovation, Core4ce has delivered on mission commitments, organizing internally around customer-focused verticals to connect federal partners with teams of technical experts.  

Core4ce’s growth has been guided by a desire to create opportunities for our team and drive value for our customers,” said CEO Jack Wilmer. “We’re proud to serve as trusted partner to the federal government – particularly in the areas of digital modernization and cybersecurity – and look forward to expanding our footprint in 2023.”    

Core4ce’s visual rebrand is centered around the creation of a new logo. The hexagonal mark is made up of individual pieces which are woven together around an internal core to create a harmonious form. This form symbolizes not only the data-centric focus of Core4ce’s work, but the team members as well as the capabilities that are integral to the company’s success in delivering value for customers. The wordmark, with its sharp corners and sturdy letterforms, mirrors the mark’s boldness and reflects Core4ce’s expertise, future-thinking, and dependability as a partner.  

The visual brand updates coincide with a new website and revised messaging that conveys Core4ce’s mission, values, and service offerings with elevated clarity and focus.  

“In a competitive environment of federal contractors, Core4ce has quietly but determinedly differentiated itself due to our team’s work ethic, depth of knowledge, and dedication to the mission,” said Vice President of Communications and Marketing Alex Bender. “Our new branding reflects the drive to serve our nation that underlies everything we do and will maintain relevancy in the years to come, even as we continue to grow and adapt to the evolving needs of the national security landscape.”  


About Core4ce 

Core4ce is a mission-oriented company that serves as a trusted partner to the national security community. 

Everything we do is predicated on the belief that data plays a critical role in securing our nation’s competitive advantage. We understand the complexity of managing data, the value in wielding it to meet mission needs, and the burden of safeguarding it. 

We assemble experienced, interdisciplinary teams that provide lasting value to our defense, intelligence, and commercial customers. We earn the respect of our partners by delivering exemplary customer service and developing technical solutions to solve complex security challenges.