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Core4ce Completes Acquisition of PatchAdvisor in Bid to Expand Cyber Services

April 03 2023

RESTON, Va.; April 3, 2023 – Core4ce, a federal contractor with expertise in data and defensive cyber operations, completed its acquisition of PatchAdvisor, an Alexandria, Virginia-based IT security firm specializing in comprehensive vulnerability assessments.  

Founded in 2003, PatchAdvisor provides information assurance and computer security services to organizations in nearly every vertical industry and is actively engaged with multiple US government agencies, the US Department of Defense (DoD) and various intelligence community customers. PatchAdvisor’s vulnerability assessment methodology, proprietary toolkit, and experienced engineers provide a more robust assessment than standard industry network vulnerability scans.  

From left to right: Core4ce Managing Partner Todd Harbour, PatchAdvisor President Jeff Fay, PatchAdvisor CEO Jeff Larocca, Core4ce CEO Jack Wilmer, Core4ce Managing Partner Michael Morehouse

“PatchAdvisor is a trusted and respected firm with decades of experience performing system assessments for both government and commercial clients,” said Core4ce CEO Jack Wilmer. “Uniting PatchAdvisor’s assessment capabilities with Core4ce’s defensive cyber expertise allows us to provide the full spectrum of cyber services to our customers.”  

As a cybersecurity service provider for DoD, Core4ce is actively involved in identifying advanced network threats, coordinating response plans, and providing continuous monitoring. The acquisition of PatchAdvisor adds penetration testing capabilities to Core4ce’s suite of cyber offerings, while Core4ce’s platform will enable PatchAdvisor to scale and service larger customer sets.  

“I’m extremely proud of what our firm has accomplished and the reputation we’ve earned as one of the most experienced IT security teams globally,” said PatchAdvisor CEO Jeff Larocca. “I look forward to this new era of partnership with Core4ce and believe that we can collectively make an outsized impact in shoring up critical infrastructure and protecting our customers from pervasive and evolving cyber threats.” 

PatchAdvisor will continue to operate under its existing business name as a subsidiary of Core4ce. 

The acquisition of PatchAdvisor follows Core4ce’s transition from a small to a large federal contractor in 2022. Since its founding in 2019, Core4ce has made several strategic business acquisitions – most notably the acquisition of Charleston, South Carolina-based Spinvi Consulting – won more than $500M in DoD cybersecurity and engineering contracts, and made key leadership hires, including the appointment of former DoD Chief Information Security Officer Wilmer as CEO. 


About Core4ce 

Core4ce is a mission-oriented company that serves as a trusted partner to the national security community.  

Everything we do is predicated on the belief that data plays a critical role in securing our nation’s competitive advantage. We understand the complexity of managing data, the value in wielding it to meet mission needs, and the burden of safeguarding it.  

We assemble experienced, interdisciplinary teams that provide lasting value to our defense, intelligence, and commercial customers. We earn the respect of our partners by delivering exemplary customer service and developing technical solutions to solve complex security challenges.


About PatchAdvisor 

PatchAdvisor is a complete IT security firm focused on providing world class IT security services to our clients. We see enterprise networks the way an attacker does- as a series of opportunities waiting to be exploited. Our advanced methodologies, proprietary toolkits and unequaled expertise provide for more comprehensive assessments and thorough attack remediation than the industry standard. 


Alex Bender