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Core4ce Launches Grist Mill Exchange, A Data Marketplace

March 17 2022

RESTON, Va.; March 17, 2022 – Core4ce today announced the launch of a new subsidiary, Grist Mill Exchange, which offers a seamless platform connecting government agencies with a vast array of commercial data. Grist Mill Exchange allows government customers to explore datasets from hundreds of companies and purchase the data they need under one contract, all at the speed and scale of mission.

“In the midst of rising geopolitical tensions, it’s increasingly critical for government agencies to acquire the data they need, when they need it,” said Core4ce CEO Jack Wilmer. “We brought together a team of seasoned professionals who fundamentally understand the federal marketplace, its evolving data needs, and the value of commercial data.”

Grist Mill Exchange serves government customers by:

  • Offering direct access to an ever-increasing catalog of data products from companies around the world.
  • Allowing mission leaders to purchase data from multiple providers on a single contract with transparent pricing.
  • Providing data provenance, schemas or dictionaries, sample data, and detailed descriptions to ensure data collections are standardized and mission ready.
  • Focusing exclusively on meeting the needs of government customers and delivering data at the speed of mission.

“We believe that commercial data is the new ammunition needed for the United States and its allies to counter threats from traditional and non-traditional adversaries,” said Grist Mill Exchange CEO Kristin Wood. “Acquisition roadblocks slow down access to time-sensitive and vital information. When mission leaders can’t procure data quickly, the U.S. loses its operational advantage.”

Grist Mill Exchange is the first initiative to spin out as a subsidiary from Core4ce’s Innovation Incubator, a program focused on developing forward-looking national security solutions.

Government agencies may reach out to for a platform demonstration and information on how to gain access to the marketplace. 

About Core4ce: By thinking and operating in a data-centric way, Core4ce is empowered to provide integrated solutions and support services to the US national security community.

We recruit cyber experts, engineers, developers, and data scientists whose depth of experience makes them uniquely qualified to counter global adversaries.

Through a commitment to research and development, we’re engineering solutions that better equip our customers to face current and future national security threats.

About Grist Mill Exchange: Grist Mill Exchange connects government agencies to hundreds of commercial data providers and allows customers to purchase the data they need under one contract, all at the speed and scale of mission.

With direct access to immense amounts of mission-ready data, and the elimination of procurement roadblocks, our customers are well-positioned to respond to emerging global developments and thrive in today’s challenging environments.

Alex Bender