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Core4ce Co-Founder Mike Morehouse Named CEO

April 03 2024

RESTON, Va.; April 3, 2024 – Core4ce, a federal contractor with expertise in data and cyber operations, today announced that Mike Morehouse, Core4ce co-founder and current Chief Financial Officer and Managing Partner, has been appointed Core4ce CEO effective April 5, 2024. Morehouse has been deeply involved in Core4ce’s corporate merger and acquisition strategy, and as a member of the Board of Managers, has helped shape Core4ce’s business strategies to set the company on a trajectory toward growth and innovation.

Morehouse will take the reins from current CEO Jack Wilmer, who successfully led the company’s rise from a small business to a dynamic government contractor serving the national security community. During his tenure, Wilmer oversaw five strategic acquisitions and worked to secure more than $500 million in Department of Defense cybersecurity and engineering contracts.

“Core4ce would not be the company it is today, nor as well-positioned for future growth, without the mission-driven culture established under Jack’s leadership as CEO,” said Morehouse. “We’re grateful for the expertise Jack brought to Core4ce following his role as DoD CISO. Under his leadership, Core4ce firmly established itself as a leader in defensive cybersecurity and digital modernization, with a focus on securing sensitive data.”

Morehouse brings over 40 years of experience in the U.S. defense, federal and intelligence markets. Prior to Core4ce, he was a founding director and board member of FGM, Inc., a software development firm. At FGM, Morehouse led the acquisition and integration of Edge Technologies’ Federal Services Division and helped position the company as an integral part of Novetta, which was acquired by Accenture in 2021. Morehouse also spent several years advising National Capital Companies on M&A projects.

Core4ce Co-Founder Mike Morehouse

“We have complete confidence in Mike to lead us into a new chapter marked by a renewed focus on innovation,” said Todd Harbour, Managing Partner at Core4ce. “Mike’s business acumen and industry experience have been vital in driving Core4ce’s strategic growth. This leadership transition comes as Core4ce is accelerating investments in data exploitation capabilities and products to help our federal customers gain competitive advantage.”


About Core4ce
Core4ce is a data-minded company that serves as a trusted partner to the national security community. We harness the power of data to advance mission objectives for our customers. Our mission is twofold: securing data to protect national interests and exploiting it to gain competitive advantage. We understand the complexity of managing data, the value in wielding it to meet mission needs, and the burden of safeguarding it.

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