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Core4ce Partners with Charleston Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace for a Day of Service

January 20 2021

On December 19th 2020, Core4ce partnered with the Charleston Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace for a charity day. The Chapter President is Core4ce’s very own, Adam Forsyth (pictured below.)

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a volunteer based organization that raises money to build beds for kids that otherwise do not have them. These children are often sleeping on the floor, in chairs, on sofas or any number of other undesirable situations.

To start the day off, Adam introduced himself and told the entire group the game plan for building the beds. Different stations were set up to efficiently complete each part of the process; wood was cut, sanded, marked for drilling, drilled, stained, and branded with the signature SHP logo.

I am really glad I was able to be part of the experience. It was so nice to look around and see everyone working as a team. I feel that this was a great bonding opportunity for some of our Core4ce team members and at the same time really made a difference.

The charity day was a HUGE success! Thank you to all of our volunteers and to everyone who donated money to make this day happen!

23 beds were made in just over 2 hours. 10 of these beds were able to be delivered before Christmas and 11 were delivered this past weekend. Core4ce was able to help out 21 grateful kiddos! Way to go team! 

Pictures from the event are posted below.