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Core4ce’s Inaugural Innovation Summit Reaffirms Collective Focus on Developing Groundbreaking National Security Solutions

May 30 2024

On April 23, Core4ce hosted a first-of-its-kind Innovation Summit in Charleston, South Carolina, bringing together subject matter experts from across the company to discuss innovative projects and service offerings and share perspectives on national security topics. The Summit served as the lead-in to Core4ce’s traditional corporate offsite and offered an opportunity for company leaders to gather insights from past performance briefs, learn about emerging projects, and collectively look to the future to consider how technologies that are already available may be applied to meet customer mission needs.

“We saw the Innovation Summit as an opportunity to reimagine and enhance the standard offsite format and create a high-energy forum for collaboration and knowledge sharing,” said Core4ce Vice President of Communications and Marketing Alex Bender. “By challenging our presenters to look outward and present as though they were attending an industry conference, we aspired to set the stage for more introspective internal discussions later in the week.”

An Unwavering Force

The Summit kicked off with a series of presentations on Core4ce’s past performance and current projects, with topics ranging from reflections on a career in ethical hacking to cybersecurity strategies for the Defense Industry Base. Core4ce’s VP for Cyber Engineering Cal Stephens took the stage to provide an overview of Core4ce’s longstanding support of the Defense Health Agency’s journey to enterprise IT services provider, including the design, implementation, and operation of MedCOI at 500+ global sites. Chief Scientist Mark Poe presented on the Bio-Surveillance Hub and Portal project, which aims to streamline responses to biosecurity threats by using advanced data analytics and machine learning techniques.

Core4ce VP of Strategic Development David Bock

The Forge

During the second event segment, Managing Partner Todd Harbour unveiled branding for The Forge, Core4ce’s innovation incubator. By investing in The Forge, Core4ce intends to develop forward-looking solutions across the data lifecycle of government and provide customers with timely intelligence on the latest adversaries and threats. The segment included a demo of Cyberscape – Core4ce’s cyber threat intelligence platform that empowers organizations to better detect threat patterns and share analysis – along with an overview of Petryl360 – a threat feed that aggregates breach data and integrates with Cyberscape. Ben Crocker, VP of Growth and Strategic Partnerships at Grist Mill Exchange (GME), discussed GME’s emergence from The Forge in 2022 as a strategic partner that provides a secure data marketplace for government customers.

Core Insights

To close out the day, presenters shared core insights related to Neuralink and the looming chip rift, enterprise access control at massive scale in the context of zero trust, and using data science to improve knowledge transfer in remote teams. In his keynote, VP of Strategic Development David Bock shared a series of forward-looking commercials from AT&T’s 1993 You Will Campaign and challenged attendees to consider the William Gibson quote, “The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed.”

Core4ce CEO Mike Morehouse

Mike Morehouse, who took the reins as Core4ce CEO on April 5, addressed the crowd in his first speech as the company’s chief executive, noting, “I can tell you I was sitting on the edge of my seat through every briefing. All I could think about was that I need to connect this person up with that person. That was a sign that this kind of event is critical.”