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Core4ce CEO Jack Wilmer on The Daily Scoop Podcast

November 02 2021

Core4ce CEO Jack Wilmer recently joined The Daily Scoop Podcast to discuss how the federal government and the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) can better serve each other.

Wilmer had this to say about the current threat to the DIB:

What we’re seeing are nation state actors – very sophisticated nation states – sending teams to try and exfiltrate information from the Defense Industrial Base. And what they have decided is that one of the most effective ways to steal the U.S. Government’s confidential information is by actually going after the Defense Industrial Base. So on the company side, they have to really look at how they can step their game up and meet cybersecurity standards. On the government’s side, we’ve got info sharing and assistance programs that have been in place for years, but I think we really have to look at refreshing those programs and seeing what we can do to take advantage of modern technology to be able to help better defend those companies against what’s a fundamentally unfair fight. 

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