Who We Are

Core4ce Vision

Core4ce is the preeminent company harnessing the power of data to solve the nation’s most challenging problems.

Core4ce Mission

Core4ce is an alchemy of proven talent, extraordinary partners, and innovative data-centric capabilities across our cores of Cybersecurity, Engineering, Operations, and Data Analytics. Together with our customers, we deliver lasting mission advantage for our nation.

Guiding Principles

People Come First

We take care of our people so Core4ce can deliver the highest mission value every day.

Data is Our Obsession

We optimize data’s value for leaders solving the nation’s most challenging problems.

Ethics in Action

Data is incredibly powerful, and the American public is at the center of every decision.

Growth with Intention

We identify opportunities and engage leaders focused on transforming their missions through data.

Innovation at the Seams

Our value to mission is greatest when we collaborate across our cores.