Board of Advisors

Meet our Board of Advisors. This team of industry experts provide counsel to our Leadership Team and Board of Directors.

Robert Calandra
Strategy Consultant I Former National Security Executive I Principal at TenX Acquisitions LLC
Bob Calandra is the Principal of TenX Acquisitions LLC, the world’s largest online commercial real estate exchange, and Partner of Machine Link LLC which invests in Link Labs, Inc to transforms Internet of Things technologies and solutions at low cost.

Chris Murray
Leadership Advisor I Strategy Consultant I Former National Security Senior Executive
Chris Murray spent 33 years as a National Security Senior Executive with the Central Intelligence Agency. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Infinite Reach Consulting headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He provides expert risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments and analysis on mission essential assets and projects.

Rob Poulin
Investment Expert I Intellectual Property Assessment I Principal at Blazar Ventures
Rob Poulin was the Co-Founder of Neustar (NYSE: NSR), a first-of-its-kind business that delivered software as a service and data as a service before the terms existed. He addressed industry wide fragmentation and interoperability needs of the telecom and internet markets and built a company that was eventually worth $2B. He is currently the Founder of Old Town Seed LLC and the Co-Founder of Blazar Ventures LLC, companies which provide investment and seed stage to ventures to buyouts.

Darren Womer
Mergers & Acquisition I Investment Banking I Principal at National Capital Companies
Darren Womer is the President and CEO of the National Capital Companies, LLC and its wholly owned Subsidiary, NC Securities, LLC. The firm, a member of FINRA and SIPC, provides strategic advisory and investment banking transaction advisory (M&A and Capital Formation) to Middle Market Companies . He has domain expertise in Information Technology, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing Data Analytics, and Telecommunications. His clients serve both the commercial enterprise markets as well as U.S Government Federal Agencies. The company also provides institutional equity and debt to Commercial Real Estate and Hospitality markets pursuant to development, acquisitions, or recapitalization of mature assets.

Sheila Zulkhe
Leadership Advisor I Strategy Consultant I Cyber Security Expert I Air Force General Officer
Sheila Zulkhe started and successfully ran a software research and development business. She served on the leadership team during the standup of the U.S. Cyber Command and synchronized efforts against global cyber threats. She is innovative and versatile with extensive experience working on leadership teams in dynamic cyber and intelligence environments. She’s a strong communicator with a proven ability to work collaboratively within multidisciplinary and multi-agency groups.