About Core4ce

In 2018, Core4ce founders assembled a group of preeminent business leaders, domain experts, and entrepreneurs who shared a vision to create a transformative company, one focused exclusively on data.

These thought leaders understood data, its unique lifecycle, and its untapped power. They also knew no other company thinks or operates in a data-centric way. Core4ce called the strategy DataOne. The business model tailors a set of world-class mission and support services for the intelligence and national security communities.

What is DataOne?

DataOne integrates four capabilities – or ‘cores’ – that are crucial to countering modern global adversaries and preserving mission advantage. Each core is essential but insufficient on its own. Core4ce blends these capabilities into an extraordinary alchemy that innovates at the seams and delivers total mission solutions.

Operations Core

Find, fight, and conquer

Analytics Core

Interrogate, understand, and exploit

Engineering Core

Build, enable, and extend

Cyber Core

Protect, prevent, and control