About Core4ce

Core4ce is a mission-focused organization with an integrated suite of operational, analytical, and scientific & technological capabilities.  Core4ce combines the experience of collecting, processing, and exploiting data with a pragmatic approach to innovation.  This enables Core4ce to provide total end-to-end solutions that are aligned to the customer needs. At its core, is the company's in-depth understanding of data across the data production life-cycle and how to protect it.


How We Got Here

Core4ce is a new kind of company. We unify disparate organizational components, and we focus them on problems. Doing this allows us to solve those problems with skill and wisdom.


Delivery Partners

Our Delivery Partners are true collaborators through service and systems delivery that have strong technical capabilities underscored with well-established and trusted relationship with Core4ce.


Alliance Partners

Core4ce partners are critical to the company and customer's success. Our Core4ce Alliance members share our customer-focused commitments and encapsulate our mission to make the world safer, healthier, and more efficient through data, information technology, and engineering. 

Core4ce is proud to partner with tomorrow's technical leaders at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Business Information Systems Research Institute (ISRI) in cybersecurity, data analytics, data mining, systems analysis and design, and agile development.


Technology Partners

Technology Integration Partners are our close allies with innovative technologies and recognized expertise. Some partners are start-up, or one that has a unique specialization that either improves upon an existing technology or is entirely new. Some may have limited existing exposure or scope in the commercial or federal world.




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